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Edgewood Management Corporation is the premiere affordable property management company on the East Coast. 

Our mission is simple— to help improve people’s lives. 

Every task we undertake is executed with this in mind and the following objectives guide us in promoting our mission.

What We do

The strength of Edgewood Management lies not in any one thing we do, but in the sum of our parts. It is our 50 years of experience in providing superior affordable housing and our unending dedication to excellence that ensures our expertise in each of the services we provide.

With approximately 900 employees, our depth of experience in managing renovation projects, new lease-ups, and properties that have complex regulatory requirements, sets us apart from the rest. Our premier property management solutions and tailored programs and services not only exceed our clients’ goals but add value and cultivate a lifestyle that best suits our residents’ needs.

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Top 50 apartment manager NMHC award for Edgewood Management in Gaithersburg, Maryland


Edgewood maintains active memberships in numerous organizations and partners with several leading organizations in order to broaden our knowledge base, stay up-to-date with industry trends and strengthen our credibility in the marketplace.

Corporate memberships with Edgewood Management in Gaithersburg, Maryland

Case Studies


New Approach Needed to Elevate Reputation Management and Impact Conversion

It’s been an invaluable resource for some of those prospective residents who haven’t been able to physically tour with us. We’ve been relying so heavily on virtual tours, text conversations and doing things remotely.

- Wendy Simpson, Vice President of marketing for Edgewood and Vantage Management

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Affordable Housing Expertise, COVID Workaround Required for New Senior Community

We have been partnering with Edgewood for 20-plus years. They’re our go-to for our affordable product. They have very good relationships with all of the agencies in DC, and we lean on those relationships to help us navigate.

- Jonathon Lee, managing director of asset management with Urban Atlantic

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Experienced Required to Manage Income Diversity, Provide Guidance

Edgewood’s site teams also reflected the racial and ethnic composition of the households that we serve. This is an important factor because we always strive to provide employment opportunities to communities of color.

- Keith Pettigrew, ARHA CEO

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Improving People’s Lives