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In 1971, Eugene Ford Sr. founded Edgewood Management in order to provide superior management services that met his high standards of excellence for properties he had established under his development company, MidCity. Ford shaped Edgewood Management to fill this void in the housing industry and help him achieve his goal of quality, long-term ownership. 

Building on the solid reputation and success of managing properties for MidCity Financial, Edgewood began offering its services to outside owners in the late 1980s. In 1998, Edgewood developed and implemented a long-term strategy to increase its third-party management contracts. Today, Edgewood’s portfolio contains 90% third-party management contracts with joint ventures compiling the rest. 

In 2012, founded with the same aspirations, The Ford Family launched Vantage Management to focus on a select portfolio of conventional multifamily properties. Together, the Ford Family Companies offer premier property management solutions for all types of owners – ranging from government agencies to private real estate investment groups. With performance, people and pride as our guiding principles, we are uniquely positioned to accomplish asset goals, add value and cultivate a lifestyle that best suits our residents’ needs.

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