Sustainable Design to Make Life Less Complicated



Fenton Silver Spring, an Energy STAR Multifamily High Rise Certified building, has been designed with sustainability as a primary focus, by aligning with The United States Green Building Council’s LEED standards. The outcome is a leading edge in its environmental responsibility and energy efficiency.


Fenton Silver Spring, a multi-family development, is in the heart of Downtown Silver Spring, Maryland with124, 6-story affordable apartments. A former surface parking lot and auto-body repair shop, the building is located 0.3 miles from the Silver Spring Metro Station, bus, and MARC commuter train service, encouraging the use of public transit.  In addition, bus stops are located immediately adjacent to the building itself. The community is within short walking distance from numerous community services including parks, grocery stores, the public library, concert venues, community centers, a community college, restaurants, and other key retail. Apartment residents will benefit from by being able to walk to the most, if not all, essential living services that they enjoy on a daily basis.

In addition, Fenton Silver Spring offers dedicated bicycle storage and repair room that features 46 bike racks on the first floor and an additional 8 sidewalk bike racks to further encourage alternative transportation.



The building was designed based on stringent energy standards, including both ASHRAE 90.01 and ENERGY STAR for Multifamily High Rise (MFHR) Buildings as a separate certification. The building has onsite renewable energy generation from a 77.8 kW solar photovoltaic array, producing an estimated 107,270 kWh per year. In addition to 100% outdoor air rooftop unit with energy recovery and common area heat pumps with variable speed compressors. The building’s energy efficient design includes lighting design with occupancy sensors in stairwells, amenity and leasing areas. The apartments are equipped with ENERGY STAR refrigerators, dishwashers and clothes washers in addition to efficient vinyl windows with U-0.3 and 0.22 SHGC thermal performance. These high-quality standards and materials will segway nicely to better resident cost savings. 



Fenton Silver Spring reduces water consumption through low-flow water fixtures to include bathroom faucets, toilets, showers, and kitchen faucets. These fixtures will result in 38% water savings for our residents compared to the LEED baseline. This is equivalent to an estimated of 2,017,813 gallons of water savings per year.​ Bioretention planters are designed to capture rainwater, and selection of native and adaptive plant species eliminate the need for any permanent irrigation systems. The site landscaping planters are beautifully positioned to frame the front entrance of the building.



Fenton Silver Spring was built with local lighting and thermal comfort controls throughout the leasing offices and amenity spaces providing occupants greater control over lighting and HVAC systems. In addition, the bedrooms and living rooms have a hard-wired light fixture or combination ceiling fan with light fixture for added in-unit lighting and thermal comfort. The tightly seeled ventilation will provide better air quality in energy efficient homes and reduce utility costs.



Fenton Silver Spring conducted stringent construction waste management practices resulting in 86% of construction waste either recycled or diverted from disposal. This represents 1,439 tons of construction waste material diverted from disposal, resulting in a smaller environmental footprint and an effort for which we are all proud.



The building management is focused on implementing sustainable practices within the building.   With an online customer relationship digital platform, the management team is able to communicate with current and future residents in a paperless fashion via multiple platforms including email and text.  “Green” cleaning products, office recycling, and minimizing waste are all part of the management focus. The building management team will also be reporting building performance to its residents over time so that together, new strategies can be imagined and implemented to help reduce the building’s energy usage and to promote an even greener footprint.   



Fenton Silver Spring


8240 Fenton Street Silver Spring, MD 20910