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Minimum Income Limits

Studio: $37,166
One Bedroom (50% AMI): $39,566
One Bedroom (80% AMI): $64,457
Two Bedroom: $47,074

Maximum Income Limits

50% Income Limits:
One Person: $49,850
Two People: $56,950
Three People: $64,050
Four People: $71,150
80% Income Limits:
One Person: $79,760
Two People: $91,120

Does Liberty Place allow students to be on the lease?

Please contact us to see whether your student status falls within one of the program requirements for our community. 

How do I calculate my gross annual income?

We calculate gross annual income by adding annual salary, typical overtime hours and all other forms of income including but not limited to commission, bonuses, unemployment, disability, monthly bank interest, etc.

Does the property accept housing vouchers?

Yes, Liberty Place accepts Housing Choice Voucher.

Is rent charged according to my income?

No, Liberty Place has a set rental rate. 

Do I need to pay any fees to apply?

There is no application fee, and any charge for credit reports will not exceed the actual cost for obtaining the report.

Does Liberty Place accept co-signers?

No, due to the income qualification process, Liberty Place is unable to accept co-signers.

Do all occupants have to be listed on the lease?

Yes. All household members must be listed on the application. Additional occupants over the age of 18 must fill out a separate rental application.

How does Liberty Place verify an applicant's income and assets?

Income is verified using a combination of bank statements, 4-6 pays tubs, verification of employment, and verification of any other income that pertains to an applicant's household.

What information should I bring when applying to live at Liberty Place?

  • Last two months of paystubs for any occupant over the age of 18
  • Social Security Card(s) for all occupants
  • Birth certificate(s) for all occupants
  • State issued ID(s) for all occupants

Does Liberty Place offer parking?

No, Liberty Place does not have onsite parking, however, there are many parking options nearby. 


Income Guideline Calculator

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