Edgewood Management's philosophy of property management revolves around a dedication to PERFORMANCE, PEOPLE and PRIDE.

Leasing & Marketing

During nearly 40 years of managing various types of multi-family housing, Edgewood has developed sophisticated marketing and retention programs that are recognized for their innovative techniques in attracting and retaining new residents. These programs incorporate local knowledge of our management staff, advanced software systems and a team approach with top marketing professionals to design, develop and implement a marketing strategy for each of our communities.

Our property management engine, RealPage’s Property Management Systems (OneSite©), is the industry’s best integrated software system that effectively tracks the entire marketing, leasing and renewal process. OneSite©’s capabilities allow us to track important key indicators, monitor an applicant’s progress, create follow-up procedures and ensure that required tasks are completed prior to move-in. OneSite©’s integrated screening product quickly approves each applicant, produces excellent reporting functionality and provides custom safeguards to ensure that leasing qualifications established for each property are met.

Through the OneSite© system, our associates are able to monitor all of the marketing outreach results on a regular basis. Critical and cost-effective decisions can be made quickly to take advantage of the best producing marketing sources, thereby saving our Owners significant marketing expenses.

Revenue management is accomplished through our use of RealPage’s YieldStar Asset Optimization Systems (YieldStar). This program sets daily rents for new and renewal leases based on the occupancy and notices at a property, the rents and occupancy at competitive properties and trends in the region. Additionally, a market survey is completed on a market-determined basis comparing our rents and occupancy to our competition.

With all of these tools and a team concept, we are able to successfully reach each property’s target market with the least expensive and most effective marketing strategy. With this ability to understand and know our markets, Edgewood has the resources to meet the goals of our clients.

The OneSite© renewal tracking system further allows our associates to track renewal offers and create a customized tickler system to ensure necessary tasks are completed throughout the life cycle of a resident.