Edgewood Management's philosophy of property management revolves around a dedication to PERFORMANCE, PEOPLE and PRIDE.

Financial Services

Edgewood uses the most comprehensive programming and the most current technology and software to provide efficient accounting systems and 24-hour reporting for Owners.

In order to fulfill our financial responsibilities, Edgewood’s thorough procedures maintain a system of records and accounts that conform to generally accepted accounting principles. Our sophisticated general ledger software can accommodate financial reporting in any chart of accounts specified by Owners or regulatory agencies, and can support both cash and accrual books simultaneously. Standard operating reports provided to Owners include the comparative operating statement, general ledger, trial balance, aged accounts payable and check registers. These reports can be exported in various formats (such as PDF and Excel), which allow the information to be used electronically for other tasks including financial forecasts, preformed and property comparisons for the Owners.

Edgewood offers an option of secure web portals for clients to retrieve their own reports from the general ledger software or the OneSite© software. We developed our own proprietary accounts payable software: EMC Genie, AP Entry and RPM Tools. These software applications allow the on-site associates to scan and enter invoices into the system. They also provide the tools to view and approve invoices as required, and to easily determine if a prospective invoice may cause a particular site to exceed budget. The RPM Tool also provides the Regional Property Managers and Executive Staff with real-time cash management.

Edgewood’s corporate staff, regardless of location, has 24-hour access to our state-of-the-art financial software, including the OneSite© software, and is able to retrieve reports or invoices at any time. In addition, all associates have the same access to our internal system, enabling them to retrieve documents such as management agreements, regulatory agreements, contracts, insurance policies, tax assessments and more. We pride ourselves on having the proper tools to provide seamless, efficient service to our clients.