Edgewood Management's philosophy of property management revolves around a dedication to PERFORMANCE, PEOPLE and PRIDE.

History |    Top Management Company (NAHMA)

In 1973, Eugene Ford, Sr. founded Edgewood Management Corporation to provide quality property management services for properties he developed under Mid-City Financial Corporation because he was unable to find quality management services that met his high standards of excellence.  He designed Edgewood Management Corporation to fill a void in the housing industry by providing exceptional services to help him achieve his goal of quality, long term ownership.

Building on the solid reputation and success of managing properties for Mid-City Financial, Edgewood began offering its services to outside Owners in the late 1980s. In 1998, Edgewood developed and implemented a long-term strategy to increase its third party management contracts. Today, Edgewood’s portfolio contains 70% third party management contracts.

Edgewood’s clients include large and small real estate developers, non-profit organizations, public housing authorities, county housing authorities and state housing finance agencies.

Through a unique combination of hands-on management, sophisticated accounting/reporting systems and enhanced resident services, Edgewood has become an industry leader in residential property management and is ranked the 7th largest manager of affordable housing by the National Affordable Housing Management Association (NAHMA).

In 2012, Edgewood Management expands its brand by launching Vantage Management to focus solely on an existing portfolio of nearly 4,000 market rate units located in the Maryland, Virginia, and the Washington DC area.  Vantage focuses solely on third-party management of conventional multi-family properties utilizing proven solutions developed during our 40 years of experience plus today's sophisticated technologies to address the complex needs of property owners.  More information about Vantage can be found at www.vmimgmt.com.